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Passbyhouse yangzhou china

Pass-by-house International Youth Hostel Slender west lake are about 2 minutes on foot only 100M.The nearest bus stop is "Shita" from train

station,"XiMen zhan" from bus station and the bus stop is about 15 minutes walking from our

hostel.It only cost 8 RMB from theses bus stop.Band of china and Post office about 250M,Wal-

Mart Stores about 400M.

Yangzhou is a small city that it only cost 8-10RMB for taxi to any famous place in yangzhou from

our hostel such as "Ge garden" "FuChun restaurant" "DongGuan old street".

If you are the first time come to yangzhou city ,we suggest you take a taxi after you arrivel.From

west bus station about 16-18RMB,from train station about 20RMB,from east bus station about 20

RMB.And you can show the words blow for the taxi driver“Please send me to...请送我到瘦西湖南门


We appreciate the importance of clean facilities therefore we'll be cleaning all day long, making

sure everything is spotless.

Our facilities include 2 Bathrooms with 2 hot showers 24 hours a day. 3 common rooms (dinning

room, TV/DVD area, reading lounge), and free use kitchen.Free use computer access internet in

lounuge and free WIFI.
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Pass-by-house International Youth Hostel
NO.28, Dahongqiao Road
Yangzhou, China
Tel: +86-514-87310013,87360013
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